Carrier Review: Manduca ?>

Carrier Review: Manduca

In Babywearing so far I’d not really considered the actual sling. Sounds strange I know but my wife is the one who uses it most often so I’m happy to use whatever she likes and have tried to learn how to use it. I’m not all that picky or at least I like her taste so I’d not really considered the designs except for liking them really.

I can see it’s a difficult thing to design a carrier but there is a huge variety out there and it’s more than possible to express your taste and preferences.

So to the Manduca!

I’d not really tried a buckle carrier before. I had a 2 second try of one at the Natural Mamas camp and did like it but didn’t really have enough time to try it properly. I was also a little shy about putting it on and didn’t feel like my Son was in the mood for me to be experimenting. One of the SlingDads had a Manduca tester and it came to me to give it a whirl. So finally last weekend we found time to go out on some proper walks and I was able to put it through it’s paces.


I found it really easy to put on. Really easy. There’s enough adjustment in it for all shapes and sizes. Even my mate who was walking with us who’d never carried our Son before gave it a go and the thumbs up.

My son did fall asleep in it, so obviously he found it comfortable to be in – we put up the little hood it has so his head wouldn’t bob around too much.  I do get a little anxious that he can get a bit upset when I’m trying to sort myself out when wrapping so the speed you can get your child up your back is a big bonus.

It’s slightly more difficult to carry around when not in use than your normal wrap would be, but I suppose everything is.

My wife said on a previous walk that it had made her back ache slightly, but I didn’t find that, I found it pretty comfortable except for the bottom strap dug into me a little but that’s more the beer belly’s fault than the carriers!

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The Manduca tester Dan used was supplied free of charge by for Slingdads UK to test and review.  If you would like to try the carrier, or share your experiences of using a Manduca  then please comment below.

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  1. The Manduca which Daniel reviewed also spent a couple of weeks with me and my family.

    I’ve not had much experience with buckled carriers, I’ve predominantly used woven wraps but I’ve found the Manduca really simple and really comfortable in use. I used it predominantly with my 18 month old son but also tested it with my daughter who is 4.

    While she wasn’t knee to knee in the carrier, we were both comfortable for the hour we spent wandering around Manchester city centre.

    My wife is very petite, 4’8″ and a size 6, and struggled to get the shoulder straps cinched in enough to be comfortable for back carries, so if you are very petite this may not be the carrier for you. I’m 6’2″ with a 42″ chest however and was able to get it very comfortable very quickly

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