Carrier Review: Baie Slings Trowen ?>

Carrier Review: Baie Slings Trowen

Sometimes things just happen to fall in to place to present you with a great opportunity. This has been one of those times.

Baie Slings are a new woven wrap manufacturer from Yorkshire, a family company made up of artists and designers. They currently have a number of wraps out travelling round sling libraries and meets, and this is where I come in. Stockport Sling Meet had the Baie Slings Trowen to visit, and they were sending it on to Glossop Sling Meet.  Ellie, one of the co-founders of Stockport Sling Meet is a friend of mine, and Elizabeth who runs Glossop Sling Meet is my sister so when I said I was intending to attend Stockport’s Slingathon event, the ladies made the wrap available for me to take and pass on.

Anyway, enough of the story telling I hear you say, tell me about the wrap.

The Baie Trowen is 100% combed cotton. The colours are described as Emerald Green and Ecru.  The design is quite Celtic feeling.

Baie Trowen Close up

First impressions then, the colours aren’t what I would normally go for, I’d probably describe them as Jade or Spearmint and White.  Then again, colours aren’t my strongest suit. The wrap is really soft, like kiddies pyjamas soft. A really nice touch is the rails are slightly different so you can easily tell if you have any unintended twists. It’s only a little thing but it helps. Middle markers are very discrete, as is the label, its all really well thought out.

So on to the important bit.  How does it wrap?

Baie Front wrap crossy carry left

Baie FWCC Rear Baie Front wrap crossy carry left

First up in a simple FWCC (instructions on how here) with Alex, aged 20mths, and it felt very comfortable almost straight away.  Really supportive, easy to get tight enough but with just a little give too.  As you can see from the photos, I’d not spent a lot of time spreading shoulders or fine tuning and it was still really comfortable.  It seemed quite thick and blankety, quite warm and I’d say it will be a good winter wrap.  Little man had been happy in it too, and as often happens when a new wrap lands, his big sister wanted a go too.

Bella in a ruck

Bella, 4 and a half, did want to go up, despite the face she’s pulling.  I think she was just camera shy for some reason.  Anyways, more sloppy wrapping (sorry!) but still comfy, the weight seemed really well supported and again it was grippy enough to get settled easily, there is a really nice amount of give with it too.  I didn’t have her up for long as tea was almost ready but it was a lot more supportive than many cotton wraps I’ve tried.

It’s quite a loose weave, which probably helps with the amount of give. The only slight down side of that is that I’d be a little nervous about catching it or pulling it, but that’s not a big deal and the way it wraps makes it a completely worthwhile risk.

Thank you Ellie and Elizabeth for giving me the chance to try this, and thank you Baie Slings for letting me review this lovely sling.


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