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Month: November 2013

Celebrate with us! ?>

Celebrate with us!

In the 18 months since Sling Dads UK was started over on Facebook, things have gone from strength to strength.  What was initially a handful of guys chatting about parenting, wrestling and metal has grown beyond all recognition.  In the last year alone we’ve raised almost £500 for MIND and Bliss with our calendar, brought a Dad’s eye view to the European Babywearing Conference in Bristol, and sought to promote Babywearing as a tool for the whole family, not just…

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Attachment Parenting: A Dads Eye View ?>

Attachment Parenting: A Dads Eye View

Like many people, I watched the discussion on ITV’s This Morning with Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins. If you missed it, ITV have made it available on Youtube here: Opinions were expressed, points were made, soundbites were dispensed, names were called. It made for an interesting few minutes, and many people, including many sections of the print media seem to think that Peaches Geldof ‘obliterated’ Katie Hopkins.  I don’t agree.  In my opinion, neither of these ladies did themselves or…

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Sponsor the Sling Dads Mo’ Team for Movember! ?>

Sponsor the Sling Dads Mo’ Team for Movember!

  As part of what we do as Sling Dads, fundraising for worthy causes is something we view as important.  Last year we generated £450 for Bliss and Mind with the Sling Dads calendar.  This year, amongst others projects, some of the guys are taking part in Movember.  Liam Mackenzie has shared his story below Being a SlingDad is all about doing what is best for your child and being the best dad you can be. For the majority, that is…

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