Sponsor the Sling Dads Mo’ Team for Movember! ?>

Sponsor the Sling Dads Mo’ Team for Movember!


Liam babywearing

As part of what we do as Sling Dads, fundraising for worthy causes is something we view as important.  Last year we generated £450 for Bliss and Mind with the Sling Dads calendar.  This year, amongst others projects, some of the guys are taking part in Movember.  Liam Mackenzie has shared his story below

Being a SlingDad is all about doing what is best for your child and being the best dad you can be.

For the majority, that is babywearing in some shape or form but for many more (and their partners) it is also about breastfeeding, co-sleeping and using disposable nappies and wipes.  The reasons are plentiful and documented elsewhere.  But to me, the best way to win the title of ‘Best Dad’ and one of those cheesy mugs on Father’s Day is to be there for as long as you can.


I first took part in Movember 2 years ago.  My eldest child had just turned 1 and started thinking that awful question which I’m sure haunts all dads; “what happens when I’m gone?”  The thought of my wife and child being left relatively alone without me to be the big protective man made me angry.  I wanted to do something about it.  But what could I do?


Obviously the first thing, completely unrelated but still important, was to sort our life and critical illness cover.  Now, if anything does happen I can sleep soundly in my little wooden box knowing that all the immediate costs, plus a bit extra, will be easily met.  But what if I could do something that reduced the risks of me going anywhere in the first place?  That was when I stumbled across Movember.  I can’t remember how or where but I found myself signed up to grow a moustache in aid of charity to help save men’s health.  Perfect.


Last year was my 2nd tour of duty with Movember.  I managed to beat my fundraising total from year 1 (not hard as I didn’t raise much in year 1) and spread the word a bit more.


Which brings us on to year 3.  In secondary school terms we’re out of the lower school and into the big years of GCSE’s.  As I say all too often to my year 9 classes, now is crunch time!  By year 11 it’s too late, the hard work needs to start now!


I’ve set myself the following targets for this year


  • Attend one of the gala parties
  • Do so for free by raising £80
  • Raise £111 total for Movember
  • A photo for each day of Movember, to be put into a stop-motion slideshow


And I’ve taken the liberty of setting these targets for you;


  • Check out the Sling Dads UK Movember page at http://moteam.co/sling-dads-uk
  • Sign up to join us in our fight or donate if you can
  • Send us a message of support


And that, in a nutshell, is why I started the Sling Dads UK Movember team.  Because there are too many dads and granddads who are taken away from us each year through no fault of their own.  Because without our support, the charities which do such a great job at fighting these diseases will be unable to fund their battle.  And because we get to grow an awesome ‘mo.




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