Carrier Review: Firespiral Albus Twilight Starmap ?>

Carrier Review: Firespiral Albus Twilight Starmap

One of the things I’ve been keen to do since I started babywearing has been to try all the different blends of fabric available. Admittedly some of the rarities that have been released of late have made that less and less likely, Fox hair or Camel for instance, but so far I’ve tried wraps containing Cotton, Linen, Wool, Bamboo and Alpaca.  This week I was contacted by the lovely ladies at Firespiral Slings and asked if I would like to review one of their Merino blend wraps prior to the general release coming soon.

Firespiral Starmap
Silver Linen Left
Albus Merino Right

It would have been rude to say no, and being as I have a linen blend Silver Twilight Starmap too I was intrigued to have the chance to directly compare the two materials side by side. Visually, the Merino is a lovely bright white, compared to the silver of the linen.  The weave is very similar, the usual fairly loose soft weave that has been a hallmark of all Firespiral releases so far.

Albus in a FWCCOne of the other major characteristics of the Firespiral releases so far has been how soft they have been, and this one ticks all the right boxes  too.  Merino is one of the softest varieties of wool available, and so this was hardly a surprise.  There was no scratchiness or itchiness from the wool, and the polar white against the navy blue looked great.  There isn’t quite the same shimmer from the merino as the linen, its a slightly more muted look than the linen but as you can tell from the picture its not flat or lifeless.

Wrapping and feel wise, its much cushier than the linen, I’d say its almost slightly stretchy.  Not to the point that I felt it sagging but just enough that it had a little bounce to it. We took the wrap with us when we went to view the site we’ve booked for Sling Dads Family Camp, and one of the other chaps summed up the feel of the wrap nicely.  It has the softness of bamboo but not the slippyness. It wraps really easily and comfortably. The weather was a nice spring day, in the sun it was quite warm and the shade cool.  The wrap felt nice temperature wise, and the innate qualities of Merino means that it will help you regulate your temperature well/

Firespiral Albus Twilight Starmap

I was surprised by how supportive this wrap was, especially considering how soft and how bouncy it is.  The picture with my good friend Adam in the Rock Solid Slings Pod is me carrying my almost 5 year old in a simple ruck, and she was there for over and hour.  And it was comfortable for both of us.  She wasn’t sitting still, we were at Trentham Monkey Forest and there was too much to see for that, but we both felt comfortable.  Completely off topic but if you are ever looking for something to do near Stoke, this is a winner.

It also came with the usual Firespiral sleepy dust.  I managed the near impossible sleeping child in carseat to wrap transfer and he snoozed on in peace.  And then stayed asleep while I had my lunch so I didn’t have to share my chips.  Thank you FiSpi.

If you get chance to try or buy one I’d definitely say go or it!

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