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Planning Camp

Although we have been planning Sling Dads Family Camp for quite some time, I thought it was about time we let you lovely people out there know what goes on in the planning group.

The planning group really is a hot bed of ideas, some of them discussed then taken a few steps further before changing shape and being set in the minds of the planners. What would be interesting to me is that by the time we get to camp, just how many posts have been made?

We plan mainly in a Facebook group with some discussion taking place on the forum. I would say a lot of the ideas that get thrown up have fallen by the wayside, some of them stick, some of them are immediate winners. What makes this whole process so awesome and overwhelmingly cool, is the group of people involved in the planning. We have a small number of people, each has a different outlook and skill set that fits with the others. Writing this down is unusually difficult, simply because I cannot convey in mere words how exciting this adventure has been.

When people will ask me what has been the best part of Camp, I will say: the people I have met. Not just those that I have met, but the ones I have worked with. I will, no doubt, meet an array of awesome people that have been posting on the Facebook group and all have gained my admiration in different ways, but the people I have worked with have become more than friends.

I have tried to say thank you to these people in the usual ways. How many times do you say ‘thank you’ in every day life? So, when you reach an occasion that you really feel that you want to say a deep and heartfelt thank you, those words seem … empty. It is like trying to say I love you to your partner or your children after a fantastic day; you hug them close and say it a few times and you feel that closeness saying it for you.

When I first conceived the idea of Sling Dad Camp, it was an idea I wanted to nurture to fruition. I really thought no one else could do it justice, no one could have the vision that I had. Yes, a little on the arrogant and conceited side. When I invited people to help me plan the Camp, it was an attempt to bring more people into the ideas melting pot to get the Camp to become bigger than my initial idea. Yes, I made a concession and thankfully that concession has paid dividends. The camp that is taking shape now is more than the one I originally envisaged. I will blog again on the evolution of ideas.

Firstly. I would like to say a big thank you to one of my partners in crime: Ben Fentem. As I write this, I have been through a testing time. My wife is in hospital recovering from meningitis. Ben has been a brother to me. He is the ultimate make it happen guy; he makes my ideas happen. Believe me, that is no small feat! He pulls the stops out and makes things happen. Without him, Camp would be nowhere near as awesome as it is shaping up to be. I really am humbled at his ability to take my ideas and make them happen.

Get your tickets to Sling Dad Family Camp and come and see the ideas come to fruition. We want you to come and have as much fun as we have had planning the Camp. We want you to be involved in making SDFC a success. Go on, make Ben a happy man!

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