What do I need for camp? ?>

What do I need for camp?

siteI hope everyone else is as excited about camp as we are!  Its hard to believe there are less than 12 weeks until we open the gates at Sherrattswood for a weekend that we hope you will never forget.

So the question has been wisely asked: ‘What do we need to bring to camp?’

There is a long list of things you may want, a list of things you will need, but the most important things of all?  Bring yourself.  Bring a sense of expectation.  Bring a willingness to experience something new.  Bring something to share, be that wine or a cake, a smile or a skill.  The whole camp is about family and community and a big part of that is sharing in experiences and relationship together.

Fluffy enough for ye?

Ok, so onto the practical stuff.

You will need:

A tent
Sleeping bags/duvet etc and pillows
An airbed/mattress of some variety.
Warm clothes to sleep in.
Changes of clothes for the day time.
Things to eat from/with.
Personal Hygiene supplies – toothbrushes, towels,  etc.
Towels if you intend to shower during the weekend
Waterproofs for if the weather is poor
Sun Cream, sun hats etc for if the weather is lovely
Mugs for brews
Any required medications.
First Aid Kit


We are delighted to have the wonderful chaps behind the Magical Tea Machine joining us on site.  They will be providing a whole variety of refreshments, as well as wonderful, freshly cooked vegan and vegetarian food.  We are looking at other catering options, including bacon butties in the mornings, a shared barbeque one evening and a hog roast.

The hog roast would be a prepaid option, to be booked through the website when we confirm it.  The caterer we are speaking to supplies vegetarian options which we will provide in due course.

Breakfast rolls will be on a pay as you purchase basis, and we’re open for some vegetarian options too so please let us know what you would like to see as a vegetarian ideal (camp at slingdads.co.uk) for breakfast.

Shared barbeque – we are considering how this would work but our current thought is that one evening we will have a shared meal.  If people can bring contributions for sharing, meat or vegetarian, we can cook these separately. We would ask that people let us know of any special dietary requirements so we can arrange cooking as required.  We are already aware of gluten free and vegetarian/vegan requirements so anything else please let us know.

Simply put, this means that you will be able to manage without cooking equipment and eat well during the weekend.  Sandwiches for lunch should make for a fairly easy ride.  There will also be tea and coffee facilities in the Askey Lodge for when the Magic Tea Machine isn’t open.  The option is there, should you want it.

Travelling a long way or on Public Transport?

We are really pleased that we have people making the journey from overseas, and are aware that this can cause some logistical issues.  The same with those of you looking to make the journey on public transport.  In both of these situations, please get in touch if you need any assistance with getting items to site.  We can access some equipment over here, or can arrange for things to be purchased and collected where required.  We may be able to arrange for someone local to you to pick up equipment on their way through to make it easier on trains etc.

Please get in touch with any questions, either via email or in the facebook group and we’ll do our best to help.

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