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And the winner is… ?>

And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who took part in the #SDFC14 Firespiral Raffle.  We sold 89 tickets and are pleased to announce we have a winner.   Ticket no 34 was bought by Saarah Niazi-Ali.  Congratulations Saarah, hope you love Vortex as mouch as we do

900 Members? 100 Attendees booked for camp? Raffle time ?>

900 Members? 100 Attendees booked for camp? Raffle time

When Simon started Slingdads in the summer of 2012, I don’t think he had this day in mind.  It wasn’t even Sling Dads UK at that point, just a group for a small number of dads in and around the Sheffield area. There were about 9 of us initially, yet right now we stand at 904 members in the Facebook group. When the idea of camp was first bandied around, it was with the thought of 9 or 10 families…

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What do I need for camp? ?>

What do I need for camp?

I hope everyone else is as excited about camp as we are!  Its hard to believe there are less than 12 weeks until we open the gates at Sherrattswood for a weekend that we hope you will never forget. So the question has been wisely asked: ‘What do we need to bring to camp?’ There is a long list of things you may want, a list of things you will need, but the most important things of all?  Bring yourself….

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Planning Camp ?>

Planning Camp

Although we have been planning Sling Dads Family Camp for quite some time, I thought it was about time we let you lovely people out there know what goes on in the planning group. The planning group really is a hot bed of ideas, some of them discussed then taken a few steps further before changing shape and being set in the minds of the planners. What would be interesting to me is that by the time we get to…

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