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How babywearing helped me through Post Natal Depression ?>

How babywearing helped me through Post Natal Depression

As part of International Babywearing Week 2014, I wanted to share some of my story.   This was first published in Juno Magazine in the summer time and is reproduced with their permission. Some children grow up wanting to be footballers, rock stars or firemen. Some want to be dancers, builders or train drivers. I didn’t, although I did spend a phase of my life touring with a band. I grew up wanting to be a dad. Every dad I…

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Book Review: A Baby wants to be Carried ?>

Book Review: A Baby wants to be Carried

I recently answered a request on Facebook for bloggers to review ‘A Baby Wants to be Carried’by Evelin Kirkilionis.  The book had been published several years ago in German, and 2014 brought an English translation, published by Pinter and Martin. Dr Evelin Kirkilionis is a biologist based in Germany, who has studied  carrying babies and the basic needs of children for more than twenty years.  Her doctoral thesis was based on the premise that human babies are adapted to be carried, and…

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A request to my feminist friends ?>

A request to my feminist friends

The more I have been around the ‘Babywearing community’ and parenting in general, the more I have seen a strange dichotomy unfold.  I have seen and been a part of many conversations about feminism and gender roles.  I’ve seen the growth of the Pink Stinks campaign, the growth of A Mighty Girl books and movies, the arrival of Goldieblox engineering toys for girls and lots of other similar things.  And if I’m honest I’m starting to get a bit fed up of it all. Allow me…

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Attachment Parenting: A Dads Eye View ?>

Attachment Parenting: A Dads Eye View

Like many people, I watched the discussion on ITV’s This Morning with Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins. If you missed it, ITV have made it available on Youtube here: Opinions were expressed, points were made, soundbites were dispensed, names were called. It made for an interesting few minutes, and many people, including many sections of the print media seem to think that Peaches Geldof ‘obliterated’ Katie Hopkins.  I don’t agree.  In my opinion, neither of these ladies did themselves or…

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The Invisible Dad ?>

The Invisible Dad

A guest post by Paul Webster, a member of Sling Dads who has his own blog at From the top… A dad is something I had wanted to be for a long while. The journey that me and my wife had to undertake to get our son was emotionally intense, as a couple of major barriers stood in our way; my wife’s heart condition and struggling to conceive naturally. Let’s start with my wife Claire; she has a heart condition…

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