Front Wrap Cross Carry ?>

Front Wrap Cross Carry


A big thanks to the legendary Dominic Facherty, and his beautiful little boy for this tutorial. Dominic is using a size 7 Firespiral Milky Seafoam wrap.

In this carry (as with all carries) it is important to get your little ones knees higher than their bum so they are “sitting” in the carrier.

This carry can be used from birth; for added support many people roll a muslin cloth and tuck it under the top rail to act as a neck support for newborns. When your little one falls asleep you can tuck their head under the piece of wrap coming down over your shoulder.

Front Wrap Cross Carry

 1. Find the Middle Marker
 2. Place middle marker in the centre of your chest.
3. Cross tails at back and bring over the shoulder.
 4. Place child in the “pocket”. Spread wrap from knees to neck.
 5. Pull wrap up under the bum to create seat. Keep knees high.
6.Start to tighten,pulling the wrap up and away, one side at a time.
 7. Bring wrap over baby’s back and tuck under their legs.
  8. Bring tails around to the back.
  9. Tie in a secure knot
  10. Spread the passes out over your baby’s back.
  Thats you finished! “Close enough to Kiss”!


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